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KARBO drill bits with round tungsten pins

    • Very abrasive rock, unfavourable drilling conditions
    • Slow drilling progress
    • Or use of standard drill bits

KARBO drill bits with ballistic tungsten pins

    • Universal use: soft to medium-hard rock
    • Fast drilling progress
    • Hard rock (if compact and not too abrasive)

KARBO drill bits with semi-ballistic pins

    • Medium shape between round and ballistic
    • Hard, abrasive rock
    • Medium drilling progress

KARBO core bits with conical tungsten pins

    • Soft, compact rock (limestone – no quartz)
    • Fast drilling progress
    • Possibly without rubbing

KARBO drill bits with combined tungsten pins

    • Round, for example
    • Or semi-ballistic pins on the outside and ballistic pins on the inside
    • Hard, abrasive rock
    • Possibly without rubbing

Bit head designs

Depending on the rock you are drilling through, you can choose between 5 bit head designs. Simply let us know the desired shape when you send us your inquiry or order. If you have questions, we gladly help you.

High-speed drill bit

    • Soft to medium-hard rock


    • For fractured rock – poor drilling conditions


    • Hard to medium-hard rock
    • Deep drill holes, low course


    • soft – medium-hard rock

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